A farewell to the hate mobs’ joyless intolerance

Dec 24, 2019 by

by Dominic Sandbrook, Mailonline:

With Christmas upon us, it seems fitting that the Church of England is making the headlines.

Unfortunately, it’s doing so for all the wrong reasons. Two days ago the former chaplain to the Queen, Dr Gavin Ashenden, announced that he was abandoning Anglicanism to become a Roman Catholic.

The reason, he explained in a blistering broadside, is that the Church of England no longer defends Christian values.

According to Dr Ashenden, Anglican leaders have surrendered to the new orthodoxy of the liberal Left, which is ‘highly intolerant of dissenting views’.

In particular, he says, Church leaders have given in to the transgender lobby, refusing to stand up for the principle that the ‘vast majority of us are born one of two sexes — male or female’, which most of us regard as simple common sense.

For Dr Ashenden, who as a young priest smuggled bibles into communist Eastern Europe, all this is a depressing symptom of a general narrow-mindedness.

As he explained, ‘freedom of speech is slowly being eroded’, while ‘those who refuse to be ‘politically correct’ risk accusations of thought crime and Christians are being unfairly persecuted’.

The sad thing is that all of this rings absolutely true. In recent months our cultural elite’s obsession with the transgender issue has plumbed truly absurd depths, typified by the Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson’s attempt to persuade voters that people should be allowed to choose whether to be men or women without following any legal or medical process whatsoever.

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