A fifth of Church of England worshippers may not return after pandemic ends

Feb 1, 2021 by

from Christian Today:

A leaked report reveals that the Church of England may have lost a fifth of its regular worshippers during the pandemic.

Parishes up and down the country moved their services online during the first lockdown in March last year, with the Church for the first time launching an online national Sunday service broadcast live on its website, YouTube and Facebook.

Even though churches in England have been permitted to stay open during the current lockdown, many have chosen to offer online services only because of high Covid-19 numbers.

The Money, People and Buildings report, published in The Sunday Times, was sent to 42 diocesan secretaries this month and expresses concerns that even once churches open fully again, some former worshippers may never return to the pews.

The report also warns of painful cuts on the horizon, with most dioceses planning to “prune” the number of clergy and diocesan staff on the books.

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