A gay conversion therapy ban could be a threat to marriage supporters

Aug 28, 2021 by

from Coalition for Marriage:

Activists calling for a law against so-called conversion therapy, think that saying marriage should be between a man and a woman is “abusive and harmful and the criminal law should step in”.

I spoke to Simon Calvert to find out what’s really behind calls for a ban, and the threat this poses to supporters of real marriage. You can watch the interview here.

Appreciating that C4M supporters come from many backgrounds, he says a proposed ban should be of concern to anyone who cares about the true definition of marriage.

While they cite discredited practices “consigned to the history books”, Simon explains what activists really want to attack is “the ordinary work of churches” in speaking up for marriage. “Legitimate concerns are being exploited by people to try to silence churches,” even from praying with parishioners.

If activists get their way, a vicar could pray with a married man to help resist a heterosexual affair, but not a homosexual affair – that would be deemed to be ‘conversion therapy’. The vicar would be committing a criminal offence.

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