A homeschooling register – the brainwashers’ Trojan Horse

Apr 5, 2019 by

by Chris McGovern, The Conservative Woman

[…] In its support for a home-schooling register The Times is in tune with the prevailing orthodoxies of current educational and sociological thinking. The intention, certainly, is to be helpful to children, to parents and to society as a whole.

Currently, we do not know how many children are being home-educated although the number appears to be growing significantly. A register will provide helpful statistical data; not least, the extent of parental desperation to find an escape route from failures in mainstream provision such as I have outlined.

The proposed register is, though, rather more than it seems and it is regrettable that The Times has not spotted what is going on. The BBC, though, has let the cat out of the bag:

Ministers say a register would help councils intervene when standards were poor or if children were at risk.

The register is likely to become the government’s Trojan Horse. It will become the means by which the failed teaching and sociological ideologies of maintained schooling are foisted on to home-schoolers via local authority monitoring.

‘You are not teaching your child in line with best practice’ will be the reprimand of the home-schooling inspector. Either do as we say or we will serve a ‘child in danger’ order on you. Thus, the home-schooling escape route from low standards and PC brainwashing will be cut off.

There may be a need for a home-schooling register but there is an equal need for safeguards against educational ‘enforcers’ bullying parents into conformity with what is supposed to good for their children.

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