by Laura Perrins, The Conservative Woman:

THE geniuses at Media Matters, the self-described ‘watchdog of conservative misinformation’ in America, came for Tucker Carlson of Fox News on Monday, digging up embarrassing and sometimes nasty comments he made ten or 15 years ago.

Now, I’m a bit so-so on Carlson. He is a bit like chicken – fine most days but he can get a little boring. However, Carlson has fought back strongly against the manufactured Leftist outrage machine.

This is masterful Carlson and demonstrates the only way to respond to the mob. The critical point, however, is that not only does he stand up to the Left, but also to weak Republicans who collapse like a house of cards at first sight of the politically correct, blood-sucking, nasty Leftist crowd.

Tucker points out that the Left are not interested in building a morally coherent society. They are interested in power. They couldn’t care less if others fall short of decent moral standards (see Bill Clinton). They are interested in control and conformity.

So well done Tucker Carlson, showing us how it is done.

Read and watch video here