A nation of gender-fluid, post-op narcissists

Aug 27, 2019 by

by Casey Chalk, Crisis Magazine:

Do you know those people who constantly demands special treatment? The ones who need all kinds of strange allowances, affirmation, appreciation, and recognition—all for just being them?

Maybe they’re hypochondriacs. Maybe they’re always shifting their dietary restrictions, despite not having any food allergies. Or maybe they’re old-fashioned compliment-fishers.

These people are drains on their families, their friends, and everyone they come in contact with. And as a recent Washington Post article about an exceptionally “transgressive” couple unfortunately indicates, we are a nation promoting these dangerous forms of behaviors as acceptable. We’re becoming a nation of narcissists.

In this news story, the couple in question explodes traditional relational norms. One of the duo, Kate Murray, identifies a lesbian; the other, Andy Arnold, is a biological woman who now identifies as a man. When Andy “transitioned” two years ago, the couple felt like they “no longer belonged in the ‘women-centric’ spaces they were used to,” and began testing out a “new group of friends” where Andy could “blend in as a man.” But Kate felt uncomfortable with this arrangement, because she could no longer “express her queer identity.” Going out with someone who supposedly looked like a man caused her to appear straight.

This tension, WaPo tells us, “is a daily reality for many queer couples who feel that the way others perceive them is at odds with who they really are.”

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