A Review of The New Normal. By Lisa Severine Nolland et al

May 8, 2018 by

by Bill Muehlenberg, Culture Watch:

Wilberforce Publications, 2018.

What is new is not always normal, and some rather abnormal things are now being forced into attempted normalcy by activists and militants. The transgender agenda is a clear case in point. Up until a few years ago almost no one thought it normal for someone born male to later simply decide he is now female.

But today the trans revolution is sweeping everything in its path. It has been enthusiastically embraced and promoted by celebrities, the mass media, academics, courts, universities, and even some churches. While there are plenty of positive things being written on all this, there is little that critically evaluates it. Thus this book.

The contents of this volume come from a conference held in London in 2016. In this brief but helpful book over a dozen articles from eleven authorities look at all aspects of the gender bender revolution. The authors include academics, philosophers, doctors, theologians, and ex-homosexuals.

In her introduction Lisa Nolland speaks of the “tsunami of transgender rights, which arguably pose an even greater threat” than those imposed by the homosexual lobby. In transgenderism “hard physical realities of bodies dissolve”. She quotes Ayn Rand “We can ignore reality but we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

And those consequences are very real indeed as this volume makes clear. Children especially suffer here, and they are being targeted by the activists. This simply follows on from how the homosexual lobby has always operated: children have always been in their sites.

Children’s rights advocate Brittany Klein reminds us of how the homosexual lobby has made a point of bringing children into their orbit. They have “thousands of youth centre and groups” and are extremely active in our schools. She writes, “There is something shameless in a movement that uses kids”.

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