Evangelicals mourn deaths of theologian and missionary statesman

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Tributes to J. Alec Motyer (1924-2016), By Lee Gatiss, Church Society:

Born John Alexander Motyer in 1924, he studied at Trinity College, Dublin where he was awarded BA, MA, and BD degrees. He trained for Anglican ministry at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford and was a curate in Lichfield diocese before becoming a theological college tutor in Bristol. He was Vice Principal of Clifton Theological College (1954-1965) before going back into parish ministry at St Luke’s, West Hampstead for 5 years[…]

[…] Alec was both a scholarly and a popular writer. He was the Old Testament editor of the Bible Speaks Today commentary series, contributing his own unique volumes to that series, on Amos (1974), Philippians (1984), James (1985), and most recently Exodus (2005). His magnum opus (in my humble opinion) is his first commentary on Isaiah, published in 1993, which was followed by other smaller commentaries on the same book, as well as popular level volumes on the Old Testament and on preaching.

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Tribute to John Ball (1934-2016), by Gavin Drake, ACNS:

The former general secretary of the Anglican mission agency Crosslinks, Bishop John Ball, has died at the age of 81 after a period of illness, his family have announced. During his ministry, John Ball served as the assistant bishop of the Diocese of Central Tanganyika, part of the Anglican Church of Tanzania; and upon his retirement served as an honorary assistant bishop in the Church of England’s Diocese of Chelmsford.

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