A Tyrannical Minority and Silent Majority

Dec 6, 2019 by

by Madeleine Kearns, National Review:

As I noted Monday on the Corner, British journalist James Kirkup has done a great public service in sharing a document that helps explain how the transgender movement, which many privately admit has overreached and is unconvincing, has been so successful so quickly.

The document was produced by a major international law firm and is a “lobbying manual for people who want to change the law to prevent parents having the final say about significant changes in the status of their own children,” Kirkup explains.

The manual’s authors advise activists across the world to use “certain techniques,” including attempts to “get ahead of the government agenda.” For instance, using gay marriage (for which there is broad public support) as a “veil of protection,” as well as ensuring “the limitation of press coverage and exposure” related to transgender issues.

Is it surprising that activists rely on the ignorance of the media and general public to push their agenda? Not really, when you consider how obviously dangerous and wrong that agenda is. But there’s more to it. As is most often the case, the success of a tyrannical minority depends on the cowardice of the majority. Not on their action, but on our inaction.

Conversations with doctors, teachers, policymakers, and legislators can be discouraging, as some admit that they know what is going on and that they find it deeply troubling, but they vow to “stay out of it.” After all, it doesn’t affect them or their families. (Yet.) When I ask them to help with a story, even on background, they often say things such as, “This is not my fight,” or, “It’ll blow over eventually,” or, “I have my reputation to think about.”

A charitable interpretation is that such people are simply ignorant of the scale of the problem.

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