A World Historical Tragedy

Jun 7, 2020 by

by Rod Dreher, The American Conservative:

All through the day I have been following the news on social media and on websites, about the vast protests against racism. Look at this: […] This image has been repeated in capitals around the US, and in Europe.

What we are seeing today is a tragedy of mythical, world-historical dimensions. For the past several months, the world has faced down a deadly pandemic that is spread through personal contact. Governments have imposed strict public health measures to save lives, at the cost of wrecking economies. The hope was that we could limit the spread, prevent mass death, and give scientists more time to come up with a vaccine. By imposing a heavy cost now, public health officials hoped to spare us all an even heavier cost.

Did it go too far in some cases? Without question. But you have to remember that this pandemic is something that no one alive has had to deal with. On this blog, I have said for months now that the virus doesn’t care about your politics. I was speaking to my fellow conservatives, and my fellow conservative Christians, many of whom resisted, and even resented, lockdowns, masks, and other public health measures, in part because these policies interfered with what they preferred to believe.

We all saw people on the left lashing these conservatives as selfish fools who cared only about themselves, and not the common good. This was the common narrative in the media.

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