aActress Sally Phillips accuses NHS of endorsing eugenics by ‘pressurising’ women to abort babies

Jun 20, 2019 by

by Eleanor Hayward, Mailonline:

Actress Sally Phillips has tearfully accused the NHS of pressuring pregnant women into having an abortion if they are carrying a baby with Down’s syndrome.

Miss Phillips, whose son Olly, 14, has the genetic disorder, claimed the current system was endorsing ‘a form of eugenics’ by screening for Down’s.

In an emotional speech, she told hundreds of world-leading obstetricians in London that ‘eugenic thinking’ has seeped into the NHS and people with Down’s were being treated like a ‘population of toads that must be managed’.

Around nine out of ten British women have abortions after being given a diagnosis for Down’s, which is linked to delays in growth, intellectual disability and rounded facial features.

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