Abortion banned in Alabama – a pro-choice/pro-life dialogue

May 20, 2019 by

by Neil Richardson, Archbishop Cranmer.

[…] I’ve collated together, roughly, a top 10 of most commonly used arguments as to why these decisions are considered to be so outrageous by my fellow Brits.

[…] Pro-choicer: I can’t believe you hate women so much! You are such a misogynist. Think of how much progress has been made since the sexual revolution in the 60s. Women have fought long and hard for equal pay, recognition in the public square and reproductive rights. You and your American redneck friends want to take away all these hard-won gains and subjugate women back into some kind of dystopic, medieval, sharia-style Gilead! You’re the kind of people Margaret Atwood was warning us about in ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. Under his eye! Bet you’d love that. You want women back to being bare-foot and pregnant, nothing but baby machines and domestic slaves.

Pro-lifer: You’re clumping a lot of issues together here. Why does standing up for the right of the unborn child equal hating and oppressing women? I don’t get that equation. Half the unborn babies are little women, aren’t they? What about their women’s rights? Or don’t they get them because they’re too small and literally have no voice? As Dr Seuss says, “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” Why do we have to choose between women’s rights and babies’ rights? What kind of society are we creating where the best option we can give a woman is the terminate the life of the small occupant of her womb? Some early women’s rights campaigners (especially suffragists) were really anti-abortion as they saw it as a means of oppressing women even more. We are in favour of equal pay and votes for women and for men to treat women with respect. We don’t tolerate misogyny or viewing women as inferior in status or value. Half of us are women! Women have many contraceptive options that don’t involve abortion. In fact, abortion is not contraception, because it doesn’t prevent conception, does it? It ends the life that has already been conceived. Surely one of the greatest rights and privileges a woman has (which a man could never have) is to have the miracle of a new human person growing within her womb! That’s something to be celebrated, surely? How are women helped by abortion?

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