Abortion is a human right? What about the unborn baby’s right to life, Sadiq Khan?

May 19, 2019 by

by Will Jones, Rebel Priest.

Sadiq Khan, the Labour Mayor of London, has backed the ‘message and aims’ of the activism of Abortion Rights—a radical pro-abortion group. Describing abortion as a ‘basic right,’ Khan stated in a letter to Kerry Abel, chair of the pro-choice organisation, that he has a ‘long-standing history of supporting the right of women to have an abortion.’ 

Abortion Rights campaign for a right to abortion for any reason and at any time, including sex-selective abortion, abortion for disability, and late-term abortion.

The claim that abortion is a basic right has been growing in acceptance in recent years, being driven from the top through the United Nations.

Amnesty International, for example, claim that: ‘Access to safe abortion services is a human right.’ Yet how can this be when no internationally accepted statement of human rights says so?

You have to read between the lines, it seems. Amnesty argue as follows: Without irony, they start by pointing out (correctly) that: ‘Under international human rights law, everyone has a right to life, a right to health, and a right to be free from violence, discrimination, and torture or cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.’

At this point, let us pause and ask: What about the right to life of the unborn child? That is surely the key consideration missing from this analysis.

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