Abortion law liberalized in US: faithful Christians respond

Feb 2, 2019 by

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Infanticide is the historical hallmark of a pagan culture, by Georgi Boorman, The Federalist

What’s the difference between abortion and infanticide? By Justin Dyer, Public Discourse

Infanticide becomes justifiable, by Wesley J Smith, First Things

Infanticide in a world without Christianity, By John Stonestreet and Roberto Rivera, Christian Post

British abortion boss: Extreme New York bill “is what many of us have been campaigning for in the UK”, from SPUC

New York’s New Law Is Abortion’s John C. Calhoun Moment, The Federalist

America moving from abortions ‘safe, legal and rare’ to merriment over infanticide, Christian Post

This abortion free-for-all isn’t progressive, it’s inhuman by Dr Campbell Campbell-Jack, The Conservative Woman

New York’s ‘Reproductive Health Act’ by John Stonestreet, Breakpoint

The Governor of Virginia: Let’s be Civil About Killing Newborns by Michael Brown, The Stream

OB/GYNs, Nurses Speak Out Against NY Abortion Law: It Is Never Necessary to Kill Baby for Health, Life of Mother by Heather Clark, Christian News

A Renewed Focus on an Old Horror by Tony Perkins, Family Research Council

Anglican Unscripted 482 – A very difficult topic with Kevin Kallsen and George Conger

Applause for abortion, applause from hell by Frank Pavone, Washington Examiner

Statement on the New York State Abortion Law of 2019 by Evangelicals and Catholics Together, First Things

Abortion in New York and Virginia: a call to pray, vote, witness and support, by Phil Ashey, American Anglican Council

Protecting the most vulnerable: statement by Archbishop Foley Beach, ACNA

Confronting the slaughter, by Chris Castaldo

4 facts every American should know about third-trimester abortions, by Joe Carter, The Gospel Coalition

The silence of the shepherds on the abortion of the lambs, by Jules Gomes, Rebel Priest

The Reproductive Health Act of horror, by John Ensor, Desiring God

These 8 States Allow Abortion Up To The Moment Of Birth by Amanda Prestigiano, Daily Wire

New York’s new abortion law has pricked consciences…and awakened gruesome abortion defenders, by Jonathon van Maren, LifeSite

The new frontlines in the battle over late-term abortions: Why a new law in New York and one proposed in Virginia alarm the pro-life movement by Emily Hoeven, Deseret News

Virginia Bill Would LEgalise Abortion Up to birth by Alexandra Desanctis, National Review

 UK: 15,000 babies killed in late-term abortions in 5 years, from SPUC


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