Advent Sunday: people don’t know Jesus, and that’s our fault

Dec 2, 2018 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

There’s a lot of confusion about Jesus: there are so many ideas about who he was or is that it almost seems as though there are lots of Jesuses. He is a baby in Bethlehem, a carpenter from Nazareth, a rabbi, the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of Man, Son of God, Son of David, Saviour, prophet, priest and king. Have you ever stopped to think what any of these titles or designations mean to those who do not believe? We can waffle on about the wonders of the Incarnation and the one substance of the Trinity, and rationalise eschatological expectations in the context of ancient Israel and the establishment of the Gentile church, but when you think about it, it’s all Greek to those who don’t know anything but the name. It’s hard to talk about the divinity of Jesus when he’s just one in a pick’n’mix pantheon of prophets and demigods: exactly how and why is the Second Person of the Trinity different from Moses, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha or Guru Gobind Singh?

And why should you feel remotely inclined to wonder, ask, seek or find?

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