After the Church in Wales’ same-sex vote, what options are open to evangelicals?

Sep 25, 2021 by

from Christian Today:

Rev Peter Jones is chairman of the Evangelical Fellowship in the Church in Wales (EFCW). This body with 90 clergy is battling for Anglican orthodoxy after the Church in Wales voted to bless same-sex relationships on 6 September.

An electronic engineer by training, Rev Jones, 56, worked in the industry for 19 years, becoming a Christian in his mid-30s. He was ordained in the Church in Wales in 2008 and is minister of the Pembroke, Monkton and Lamphey group of churches, becoming Area Dean of the South West Pembrokeshire Local Ministry Area in 2017.

Christian Today spoke to Rev Jones about the impact of the Church in Wales vote and the future for Anglican evangelicals in the Principality.

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