All hail the new sexual and gender ideology

Oct 16, 2019 by

by David Baker, Christian Today:

Let us pause for a moment and raise a glass to Maureen, a Christian school governor in Brent, north London.

Maureen has held this role for nearly 30 years, and apparently conducted herself with distinction. In those three decades, she has helped to shape the school curriculum, been instrumental in formulating health and safety policies, assisted in the introduction of better disabled access and acted as a role model for African-Caribbean children.

And now let Maureen tell in her own words what has happened to her at a school governors’ meeting in May: “I raised that the introduction of LGBT books and Pride Month into the school had not been mentioned before at any previous meetings. I said that parents had not been consulted and that there would be parents with children from religious backgrounds who would object and not want their children to have this form of sex education. I urged them to consider those families, and added that as a parent myself, I would not have wanted my sons to be reading LGBT books or to be involved in an LGBT Pride month.”

According to The Times, Maureen was then “asked to resign. When she refused, the school suspended her and launched an independent investigation into the complaints. Nearly six months later she remains suspended.”

Now it should be stated that the school – Alperton Community School – has not commented on the details of the case, except to say that it conforms to the National Governance Association Governors Code of Conduct and will consider an independent investigation where its has received complaints about governors.

Sometimes, we should bear in mind, there can be more to a story than meets the eye and this is an important caveat. But let us charitably assume that Maureen – who is aged 73 and from the Times photo looks thoughtful and rather kind – is telling the truth and that her account is broadly accurate.

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