‘Amen and a woman’: it’s ‘sad’ to see the word ‘misused’, says bishop

Jan 6, 2021 by

from Christian Today:

It is “sad” to see the word ‘Amen’ be “misunderstood and misused”, the Bishop of Worcester has said after a prayer to open Congress on Sunday was ended with the words “Amen and a woman”.

Democratic Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, an ordained United Methodist minister, was accused of virtue signalling on social media over the closing to his prayer during the swearing-in ceremony for the 117th Congress.

Commenting on Twitter, Bishop John Inge said the Congressman’s choice of words was “bizarre”.

“Christians, Muslims and Jews all use the word ‘Amen’,” the bishop said.

“It is arguably the best known word in human speech. In the Hebrew Scriptures it is an acronym meaning ‘God, King (who is) trustworthy, reliable.’ How sad to see it so misunderstood and misused.”

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