An Old White Professor Speaks to the Class of 2020

Jul 6, 2020 by

by Abraham H. Miller, The American Spectator:

Nearly every graduation speaker tells the graduates that they are going to change the country profoundly and irrevocably. Don’t worry, you won’t.

For the most part, that’s a good thing. While America is not without its policies that cry for change, there is much that is good about America that has become impolitic to speak about — especially at graduations.

There is no perfect economic system. Capitalism is not evil; crony capitalism is.

For the last four years, you haven’t had a course in civics, but you did have a course in social studies taught by people who believe that America is a racist, sexist, homophobic society that possesses a fascist political culture.

So, think a moment. Did any of these teachers get fired for such words? Did they go home looking over their shoulders, worried about whether the secret police were going to knock on their door? Did they contemplate making a dangerous journey and trying to sneak into Mexico or Canada?

You see, in a real fascist culture, you cannot criticize the regime and stay out of prison or stay alive.

As the old joke of my generation goes: In America everyone is always looking for a party. In Russia, the party is always looking for you.

Your generation thinks you have discovered the evils of racism and discrimination and that both are uniquely Western institutions.

Let me burst your bubble.

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