Anglican bishops accused of abandoning over 2,000 ministers for opposing ‘conversion therapy’ bill

Mar 20, 2022 by

by Michael Haynes, LifeSite:

Four Church of England bishops have condemned a letter signed by thousands of their own ministers which opposed a proposed ban on conversion therapy in England, saying that the letter “does not have a monopoly of Christian opinion.”

In December 2021, 2,546 Christian ministers and pastoral workers signed and delivered a letter — called “Ministers’ Consultation Response” — to the U.K. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss MP, who is also the Minister for Women and Equalities.

Drawn up in response to the Truss’ parliamentary consultation “Banning Conversion Therapy,” the signatories warned that the legislation would “impact the normal practice of religion,” due to its overreach and wide range of activities which it addressed and banned.

The signatories did not oppose a ban on conversion therapy itself, saying that none of them had “any interest in defending any kind of ‘gay cure.’” Instead they warned the normative Church teaching on sexuality could be criminalized along with conversion therapy.

The ban would “criminalize” their “duty as ministers, of proclaiming the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and calling people to find life in him, which includes living by his laws,” reads the December letter.

“We also believe it could be used against Christian parents who could equally be criminalised for loving advice and teaching given to their own children,” warned the signatories, who were since joined by 4,984 additional signatories.

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