Anglican Communion is now Two Communions

Dec 29, 2018 by

by David W Virtue, VOL:

It’s unofficial of course, and only a few dare whisper it in the corridors of Lambeth Palace or the Anglican Communion office, but the truth is, the Communion is so badly broken that only a miracle now can ever reconcile what has now become unofficially two bodies of Anglicans.

Archbishop Justin Welby can hotly dispute this all he wants, and he can fake talk about GAFCON being a “ginger group”, preach inclusion, reconciliation and diversity, but the truth is the mostly orthodox Global South is evangelical in faith and morals and they are not going to cave into Welby, U.S. Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, Canadian primate Fred Hiltz or any other western pansexual progressive liberal leader who, they believe, holds “another gospel” — (Gal. 1:8.) That day is over.

With all the talk of radical inclusion in the Church of England by two Archbishops, it seems increasingly clear that the only people not being included are orthodox Anglicans, particularly evangelicals, says the Rev. Melvin Tinker, author and rector who was recently banned from preaching at Derby Cathedral at a Carol service organized by the local university Christian Union over the three issues of money, power and sex. (Money, which the cathedral is running out of; sex, over playing a porno movie and power, by a liberal establishment that hates evangelicals).

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