Anglicans for Life President reflects on abortion as the leading moral issue of our time

Aug 8, 2019 by

Interview with Georgette Forney by David Virtue, VirtueOnline.


VOL: A recent article in The Living Church questions whether the abortion debate should be one of legality — defending or repealing Roe v. Wade. The writer said it was a failure in “moral catechesis.” He said the legal issue is not the most important question in the debate. Do you agree with that?

FORNEY: Well, the reality is that we won’t stand before a court to defend our actions — ultimately, we will each stand before God to explain our actions and choices. Identifying it as a moral catechesis sounds pompous to me — I’d say it’s a failure of the church to teach the scriptures. I believe the culture has influenced the Church on this issue and many others — while God calls us to influence the world/make disciples.

VOL: What does it mean to say human life is sacred? Women miscarry. Women have spontaneous abortions. My wife had a still born child, fully developed weighing 14 pounds who died an hour before birth. What does it mean to say ALL life is sacred?

FORNEY: Every life is created by God and bears His image — that’s what makes human life sacred. Every life that God creates has purpose — parents like me who aborted a child, denied my child the opportunity to fulfill her purpose — while in cases like your wife’s, we have to trust God’s sovereignty that her some it is hard for us to comprehend why, your wife’s child completed hers/his purpose as well. The hard part is accepting His divine ways, especially when it comes to death of infants and children.

VOL: Is there such a thing as some vulnerable human lives are more worthy of protection than less vulnerable human lives?

FORNEY: NO — every life deserves to be protected, honored, and respected.

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