Another Brick in the Wall – The Threat to Children

Jun 19, 2019 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea:

Did you hear the one about the doctor, the politician, the journalist, the artist, the vicar and the teacher? Well, let’s begin with the teacher. Watch this stunning video of a Scottish teacher explaining to a pupil why he had been kicked out of class.

The pupil’s crime was that he had dared to state the view that there were two genders, male and female.  Look at the teacher’s response.  Apart from being angry, bullying and is chilling.

This is an inclusive school…(except of course for you and your views)

My opinion is acceptable in school, but yours isn’t.  You need to shut up and keep that opinion to your own house…

but not every policy is scientific….

This is so Orwellian….facts don’t matter – it’s only what the policy is…

“How many fingers am I holding up Winston?”

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