Anti-abortion party targets Stella Creasy in General Election

Nov 14, 2019 by

by Emma Bowen, Belfast Telegraph:

Stella Creasy has hit back at an anti-abortion party who are focusing their general election campaign on unseating her.

The Labour candidate for Walthamstow, a vocal campaigner for abortion rights, called the Christian Peoples Alliance a party which “promotes hatred in many forms”, after it emerged they were campaigning for the sitting MP’s seat.

CPA leader Sidney Cordle told the PA news agency that although the party was “concentrating” on the seat in north-east London, they are expected to stand about 30 candidates.

He added: “This time the majority are in and around London, we’ve got one person standing in Birmingham.”

It comes after Ms Creasy, who is heavily pregnant, supported efforts to bring about a change in the law to see abortion decriminalised in Northern Ireland.

She was targeted by a group calling itself the Centre For Bioethical Reform UK and a billboard poster was put up in her constituency by the group, with an image of a foetus and a link to a website called Stop Stella.

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