Apologetic Approaches to Biblical Sexuality

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from The Gospel Coalition:

In 2019, the 47th General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) commissioned a study committee, which included TGC Council members Bryan Chapell, Kevin DeYoung, and Tim Keller, to produce a report on human sexuality. That report was published in May 2020 and received in June 2021 at the delayed 48th General Assembly. The full report is available with extensive footnotes, along with a video presentation by the committee. Included in the committee’s report is a section on apologetic approaches to articulate and defend a biblical understanding of homosexuality, same-sex attraction, and transgenderism in the context of a culture that denies that understanding. We reproduce that section here in its entirety (though without footnotes).

In our culture sexuality is spoken of like this:

1. The oppression of the past. In the past, ancient cultures surrounded sex with all sorts of taboos. In general, sex outside of marriage was forbidden in order to control women, to help men protect their daughters and wives as their property.

2. The need for authentic expression. In modern times, however, we have come to believe in the freedom and rights of individuals, including the right to love whomever we choose in a consensual relationship. Science has shown us that sex is a healthy thing and a crucial part of one’s identity. It is also a human right, and therefore we will only thrive and flourish as human beings if that right to choose is equally available to all people.

3. The fight to love whom we want to love. Over the past century a number of brave individuals—usually women, gay, and transgender persons—have heroically stood up to the oppressive culture and said, “This is who I am! Don’t let anyone tell you who you can or cannot love!” Many of the early heroes of this movement were marginalized and many died for their willingness to challenge the cultural elites.

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