Archbishop of Canterbury decries deceitfulness of populist leaders

Dec 26, 2017 by

from The Telegraph:

The Archbishop of Canterbury has used his Christmas Day sermon to reflect on the deceitfulness of populist leaders and a year of terrorist atrocities.

The Most Rev Justin Welby told the congregation at Canterbury Cathedral of the contrast between the humility of the Nativity story and many of the world’s leaders.

He spoke as the Roman Catholic Church’s most senior cleric used his own address to call on people to move away from “radical individualism” in society, which is demonstrated by conflict on social media.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols told the BBC: “In social media there’s a barrage of views and once a statement or claim is made there’s immediately a counterclaim, and the mode of exchange is conflict.”

In remarks that are likely to be interpreted by some as a jibe at Donald Trump, the Archbishop of Canterbury made pointed comments about the weaknesses of current world leaders.

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