Archbishop of Canterbury: ‘Have we lost our national nerve?’

Apr 14, 2017 by

by Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today:

A ‘disconnection’ in society between values and practices is undermining the future of our society, the Archbishop of Canterbury warned last night.

He said there was a need to ‘reimagine’ British values.

‘There is a globally established and ancient reality that the children of privilege tend to inherit privilege, especially in terms of access to health, housing and education.

‘There is also a degree to which poverty and deprivation also pass through the generations.’

Referring to inequalities of diet, health, education and quality of life, he said they ‘illustrate how far we have allowed a disconnection in our society between values and practices, a disconnection that undermines our futures’.

Such inequalities ‘have a long term and chronic impact on life expectancy’, Archbishop Justin Welby added.

‘The indifference to massive life quality differentials needs to change if we are to have a flourishing future in this country and that means values.’

Public and mental health are increasingly obviously linked, he said. ‘Mental health issues afflict those on low incomes as a result of the many pressures and strains of poverty.’

He also warned against rising house prices.

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