Are Christians the Progressives?

Jun 15, 2018 by

by Warren Farrell, Christian Post:

The Christian church has long supported marriage, an intact family, and father involvement. Yet we have called it “progressive” to focus on women’s freedom to have children without being married, or to be the primary parent after divorce. And currently, 53% of women under 30 who have children, do so without being married.

In the past eleven years, as I have researched The Boy Crisis, I have found that children with minimal or no father involvement—and especially boys—are much more likely to suffer in more than seventy ways. Even if a mom has a child while living with a man, but is not married, 40% of these children rarely see their dad after the age of three. If “progressive” is defined as what benefits the children, then the Christian church has been the progressive force.

Dad-deprivation was the greatest predictor of a boy becoming addicted to drugs, or committing suicide. Dad-deprived boys are much more likely to drink excessively, be bullies, drop out of school, be alienated, and rudderless.  The result? Our prisons are centers for dad-deprived boys and men. In contrast, boys who are dad-enriched do better in school even when they come from poorer areas; they have less ADHD and more empathy.

Dad-deprived boys hurt. And boys who hurt, hurt us. Since 1948, 26 out of 28 of the deadliest mass shootings (between 8 and 58 killed) were marked by dad-deprivation. And, of course, dad-deprivation plagued Nikolas Cruz of the Parkland shooting. As it did Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook), Elliott Rodgers (UC Santa Barbara), and Dylan Roof (Charleston Church).

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