Are Miracles Still Possible and Probable?

Apr 8, 2021 by

by Michael J Kruger, Crossway:

Are Miracles Impossible?

The most fundamental reason that people don’t believe the miracles in the Bible is because they already believe something else, namely, that miracles are impossible. In other words, they have a worldview that rules out the supernatural from the outset. Thus, it doesn’t really matter how good the evidence for a particular miracle might be. It doesn’t really matter how many eyewitnesses there are. Such factors are irrelevant. Any claim to the miraculous must be rejected in principle.

Of course, this approach just raises the obvious question whether there are good reasons to think miracles are impossible. After all, how does a person know that miracles can’t happen?

The skeptic might say, “Because I’ve never seen a miracle.” But that’s not a very good argument. Not personally seeing something doesn’t make it impossible. There are tribes in the remote Amazon that have never seen snow, even in pictures. Their personal experience is uniformly against the existence of snow. If told that snow exists—white, fluffy material falling from the sky—they might insist that it can’t possibly be true. But they would be mistaken.

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