Are the Tories starting to row back at last over trans madness?

Mar 2, 2020 by

by Will Jones, The Conservative Woman:

IN THE first signs that this government may take a different line on transgenderism to its predecessors, it is being reported that it will drop plans to make it easier for people legally to change gender.

[…] These problems in the medical arena are compounded in the educational arena, where transgenderism is being promoted in schools both under the guise of the new Relationships and Sex Education curriculum and elsewhere, as with the No Outsiders equality programme. Children as young as four are being taught that their ‘gender identity’ may differ from their ‘sex assigned at birth’ and asked to consider whether they may have been ‘born in the wrong body’. Little wonder that cases of gender dysphoria have ballooned in the past decade, with nearly three-quarters of new cases being girls.

These are anti-scientific, anti-biological ideas that have no place in a centre of learning, and will serve only to confuse children and put them at risk of unnecessary, harmful, life-altering treatment. The evidence is that around 90 per cent of children who experience gender dysphoria, if left without affirmative intervention, become reconciled with their biological sex by the time they finish puberty.

The Lords and Commons Family and Child Protection Group held a briefing for MPs and peers in Parliament on Wednesday at which they called on the government to ban the promotion of gender fluidity to young children. 

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