Arthur teacher comes out in children’s cartoon series

May 15, 2019 by

by Sherie Ryder, BBC:

Animation plays a big part in both children’s and adults’ lives these days – just look at the popularity of online games, TV series such as Paddington, and recent box office hits such as Detective Pikachu.

So when long-running US cartoon series Arthur introduced its first gay wedding, it gained huge traction on social media.

Now on its 22nd series, Arthur is produced by American public-service broadcaster PBS, known for its educational children’s broadcasts, and is currently broadcast on CBBC daily at 0700.

In this episode, Arthur, an eight-year-old aardvark, attends his teacher’s wedding, along with friends and other teachers, where they anticipate Mr Ratburn’s marriage to Patty, a female rat.

The first surprise is that Patty is his sister, and the second, when he walks down the aisle, is that he’s with his groom.

In New York, one Twitter user’s post highlighting Mr Ratburn’s gay marriage, was “liked” more than 112,000 times in 21 hours.

Gamers, animators and fans have shared their congratulations, with comments including: “Love conquers hate,” “Welcome out,” and “Arthur says, ‘Gay rights.”’

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