Asia Bibi and the case that makes a mockery of Britain’s asylum laws

Nov 29, 2018 by

by Douglas Murray, Spectator:

[…]  In the last week there has been some attention on the fact that various countries are looking into giving asylum to Bibi and her family – Britain among them. But it appeared earlier this week that the UK would not be offering this genuine asylum seeker any asylum because there were concerns about – ahem – ‘community’ relations within the UK should she be allowed to move here. There could be few greater demonstrations of what a mess this society has become than if the dynamics of the situation are indeed this way around.

So it is an interesting moment to consider a case of someone who has apparently been allowed to come to Britain and stay. Thanks to Hillel Neuer of the excellent UN Watch, I am made aware of the presence in London of Dr Ataollah Mohajerani, the former minister of culture and Islamic guidance in Iran. 

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