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Jul 6, 2019 by

from Transgender Trend:

Women’s Minister Victoria Atkins recently expressed concerns about the number of teenagers seeking life-changing medical interventions. Penny Mordaunt, Minister for Women & Equalities, has now ordered an investigation into the exponential rise in the number of teenage girls wanting to transition. The Telegraph report states: “Officials will look into the role of social media and the teaching of transgender issues in schools as part of their inquiries”. Although we believe there are many factors behind rates of rapid onset gender dysphoria in teenage girls (and some boys) we think that the issue of transgender teaching in schools is one area which needs particularly urgent review. We call for the withdrawal of all transgender schools guidance written by trans and LGBT groups pending the results of the investigation.

We have written before about the content of transgender inclusion schools toolkits. In this post we will examine the content and the message of the guidance from Stonewall, the most powerful and influential LGBT organisation in the UK. To become a Stonewall School Champion is one way a school can tick the important ‘LGBT inclusion’ box for Ofsted, but within the Stonewall training packages is advice which goes much further than simply supporting LGBT pupils.

The government consultation on the reform of the Gender Recognition Act proposes a sex self-ID system with no requirement for a diagnosis of gender dysphoria in order to gain a Gender Recognition Certificate. A recent YouGov poll showed that only 18% of the public agree with this proposal.

Yet Stonewall and transgender organisations have been quietly ensuring that a system of sex self-ID is already in place in schools across the UK.

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