Back to the backstreets with abortion

Feb 20, 2018 by

by Philippa Taylor, CMF:

After successful lobbying by abortion providers, women in Scotland are now allowed to take the abortion pill at home, in a first for the UK. Since 83% of abortions in Scotland use medical methods (abortion pills) this will have a significant impact.

I’ve recently blogged on this change in Scotland, citing medical concerns with allowing women to take the abortion drug misoprostol in their own homes, as well as highlighting the ideology behind the change. However, as I’ve researched these blogs, I’ve realised that for abortion campaigners this is just a ‘step in the right direction’ towards all medical abortions in the UK being carried out on a fully at-home basis.

As I have spent time reviewing the physical and psychological costs, and dangers, of taking abortion pills at home, I have begun to realise how ironic it is that we are coming full circle and are returning once again to having abortions taking place in homes, or perhaps friend’s homes, or perhaps schools, or colleges, or in the house of an acquaintance or … why not in a park or other so-called ‘back street’?

Because once an abortion pill is no longer administered and taken in a clinic under medical supervision then, whatever campaigners claim, there is absolutely no control over where a pill is taken. Or when. Or by whom. Or if it is taken freely or under coercion.

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