Badges of obedience

Oct 7, 2021 by

by Caroline ffiske, The Critic:

Behind the NHS Rainbow is compulsory training and enforced ideology.

Recently, when the Government broke an election pledge and announced a tax raise for millions of workers, so as to provide further funding for the supposedly “cash-strapped” NHS and adult social care — Sajid Javid promised to be watchful for “waste and wokery” within the NHS. Shortly afterwards he spotted an opportunity to tweet his anti-woke credentials. Following Keir Starmer’s spine-lacking declaration that you shouldn’t say that only women have a cervix, Javid tweeted, “Total denial of scientific fact. And he wants to run the NHS.”

Shortly after this, Javid didn’t need to be “watchful” for “waste and wokery” in the NHS — it boldly declared itself. An NHS twitter feed calling itself “NHS Rainbow Badge” announced “That this tweet still stands is appalling”. NHS Rainbow Badge asked Javid to “give some consideration to the hundreds of thousand of UK intersex people who you just erased the existence of…”  Talk about catastrophising. Also misrepresentation of a medical condition — the existence of people with “intersex” conditions — does not negate the fact that only women have cervixes.

Welcome to waste and wokery. Thank goodness that Javid is now on the watch.

I wondered who this outfit could be, so boldly “calling out” the Health Secretary, and cheerfully ignoring science, while publicly representing the NHS. One might think their Rainbow Badges are “just badges” — wasteful, virtue-signalling, perhaps — but the intention is good. Oh, how the seemingly most innocent of schemes becomes a front for the unstoppable energy of the gender ideology lobby…who earn good money, paid for by all of us, while they’re at it.

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