Ban ‘conversion therapy’?

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On Monday 8th March, MP’s debated a proposal to ban all forms of ‘conversion therapy’. Violent and invasive practices designed to suppress homosexual feelings, methods administered by the medical profession and discontinued in the 1960’s, are already illegal. For LGBT campaigners, ‘conversion therapy’ is a catch-all term which includes freely chosen counselling and prayer, and even biblical teaching about sexual morality. For the moment, the government is unwilling to create more legal restrictions in this area. A number of articles follow, most recent at the top:

We don’t need a new law against ‘conversion therapy’by Douglas Murray, Spectator

Urgent action needed: Marriage believers are under threat, from Coalition for Marriage

Affinity Director writes to the Prime Minister regarding ‘conversion therapy’ ban, from Affinity: “…we want to strongly urge you to provide safeguards within any new legislation to protect normal church activities such as preaching, prayer, Bible study and conversations between consenting adults about sexual practice and gender identity.”

Conversion therapy briefingfrom Transgender Trend: “[…]  the definition of ‘conversion therapy’ has been expanded into “Q+” areas of sexuality and the called-for government ban is no longer about gay conversion therapy, but covers a much wider agenda.”

Therapy and the law. The technical considerations for the Government as it plans a conversion therapy banby Charlotte Gill, Conservative Home

Ex-gay Mike Davidson of Core Issues Trust questions ‘real agenda’ behind gay conversion therapy bans as Stormont moves against ‘cruel practice’by Philip Bradfield, Belfast News Letter

‘Monoculture of intolerance’ surrounds conversion therapy – ex-gay Christian, from Christian Today: Mike Davidson, CEO of the Core Issues Trust, said that intolerance towards counselling choice on the issue of gender identity and same-sex attraction had become “enshrined” in the media and therapeutic sector.

The Trouble with Conversion Therapy: Letter to the Church of England Newspaper, from Dr Peter May.  “The current debate about Conversion Therapy for sexual orientation and gender identity seems immersed in a confusion of myths and falsehoods.”

What would a conversion therapy ban mean for gay Christians like me? by Ed Shaw, Spectator

Radical: Trying to define conversion therapy is more complicated than it seems by Victoria Hewson, Conservative Home

Gay conversion therapy: What the Church and LGBT community can agree on by Peter Lynas, Premier

Criminalising ‘conversion therapy’ will backfireby Carys Moseley, Christian Concern: You can read the entire debate on Hansard and watch it on Parliament TV. All the usual deceitful and manipulative talking points were used. It would be tempting to dismiss this event as mere posturing, but the desire for criminalisation is very strong. In addition, the government hinted that it sees ‘conversion therapy’ as extremism. The biggest problem now in Parliament and the press is the total lack of real debate and critical analysis of this issue.”

Pastors should not be prosecuted for helping people with unwanted same-sex attraction – Christian Institutefrom Christian Today

Banning conversion therapy: Christian LGBTQ campaigners disappointed at government response, from Premier

MP’s attack prayer and pastoral support in conversion therapy debate, from Christian Institute:

“Shadow Foreign Minister Stephen Doughty included pastoral care in his concerns. He alleged it “could be used as a cover for some very dangerous practices”. Doughty who describes himself as a ‘gay Christian’, said people cannot consent to conversion therapy, and so argues it should be banned, even where a person seeks out spiritual support over unwanted same-sex attraction.

Government accused of ‘fuelling culture wars and harming trans people’, as two more LGBT advisers quitby Jon Stone, Independent

LGBT+ groups’ ‘deep concern’ over minister’s approachfrom BBC News

Banning conversion therapy: Christian LGBTQ campaigners disappointed at government’s responsefrom Premier

Increase in LGBT identity in the West, “herd mentality”, and the church’s responseBy Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream

Therapy bans and the claimed ‘hostile environment’from Core Issues Trust

Ministers ‘must quickly ban LGBT+ conversion therapy’from BBC News

“Banning ‘conversion therapy’ or banning the Gospel?“: Briefing from the Christian Institute

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