Banning therapy, banning liberty

Mar 8, 2019 by

by David Van Gend, MercatorNet:

Who’s the bigot when governments forbid people with homosexual inclinations from seeking to change?

There is something sick in the body politic when political parties strive to prevent individuals seeking their own wellbeing. It is deeply troubling when a free citizen seeks professional help for a condition he finds distressing and is blocked by another citizen – in this case, a rigidly ideological politician – from receiving such help.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews said this on February 3: “‘Conversion therapy’ [the claim to be able to change someone’s sexuality or gender identity] destroys lives. And soon, it will be against the law in Victoria. Because bigoted quackery has no place in this state.”

So much ignorance is packed into that statement, such contempt for suffering and for the evidence of clinical science going back decades, that it cannot go unanswered.

Daniel Andrews knows nothing of the people I know who are struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction, usually because it conflicts with their Christian faith. He knows nothing of the clinical psychologists who labour mightily to help such individuals, with overwhelmingly beneficial outcomes. He knows nothing of the research spanning almost a century which shows consistent success in helping many such individuals. Daniel Andrews only that the Zeitgeist is in the mood for stomping on Christians, including gay Christians.

These gentle people are perhaps the most despised and marginalised minority in Australia right now, and I will stand with them against this totalitarian assault by the state on their right – on everyone’s right – to seek professional help in a time of need.

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