BBC admits to bias and encouraging suicide in puberty blockers article

Jul 17, 2021 by

from The Christian Institute:

The BBC has acknowledged that an article stating that a High Court ruling on puberty-blocking drugs could cause gender-confused young people to commit suicide was one-sided and endangered vulnerable people.

In December, senior judges ruled to protect children from experimental sex-swap drugs. But when the NHS’s Gender Identity Development Service decided to appeal, the BBC responded by publishing a controversial article by their LGBT correspondent which ignored advice on media reporting of suicide.

Following a complaint, the BBC now accepts Ben Hunte’s article – ‘Puberty blockers: Parents’ warning as ruling challenged’ – was not impartial because it failed to report the views of those against the use of such experimental drugs. They also admit that it gave undue attention to suicide and that this risked encouraging vulnerable people to contemplate taking their own lives.

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