BBC chief stunned as secret staff sex survey reveals 417 of the corporation’s workers are transgender

Jul 1, 2018 by

by Glen Owen, Mailonline:

The BBC has more than 400 transgender staff, a confidential internal survey has revealed.

The figure represents more than one in 50 of the workforce – about four times higher than the proportion in the population at large.

And it stunned the BBC executive behind the research, who described the total number of trans employees, at 417, as ‘very, very high’.

Tunde Ogungbesan, the BBC’s director of diversity, has now launched a major reform to make the Corporation more ‘trans-friendly’ following the findings.

The issue of trans rights has divided Britain, with a split between traditionalists who believe gender is assigned at birth and progressives who believe a liberal society should make strides against any form of discrimination towards trans people.

Using personal information about BBC staff that ‘only a couple of people would ever know’, Mr Ogungbesan also revealed that 11 per cent of BBC employees were lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

But he said he did not regard the BBC as diverse enough, claiming more lesbians were needed.

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