Bending the knee to Marxist oppression

Jul 13, 2020 by

by Karen Harradine, The Conservative Woman:

IT IS two months since George Floyd’s death at the hands of the Minneapolis police catalysed mass protests and violence across the United States and in the UK, putting an organisation that few were aware of, in this country at least, centre stage of politics. Since then, despite feature length articles on emergent Black Lives Matter (BLM) spokesmen such as ‘Killer Mike’, there has been remarkably little examination of the movement’s history and its goals.

The sight of sports teams, politicians and the cultural elite uncritically bending the knee to BLM as though they needed to display their anti-racist credentials is dismaying enough. This becomes all the more sickening once it’s understood what the BLM movement really stands for.

Even cursory inquiry reveals that BLM are pursuing a race war, the roots of which began way before their mass rallies this year. The irony is that those who support BLM because they are supposedly ‘anti-racist’ are actually advocating racial division.

BLM do not hide their aims, detailing them clearly on their website. Their desire is to unite the ‘global black family’, an idea that is socially and culturally illiterate and certainly racist. What unites people far more than the colour of their skin is their culture, nationality or religion. To interpret society solely through the prism of race is to adopt the ethos of the Apartheid regime.

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