Benefits of marriage are incontrovertible, says GB News presenter

Jul 31, 2021 by

from Coalition for Marriage:

As passionate believers in marriage, C4M and its supporters need no reminder of its benefits. But it’s important to recognise when the value of marriage is acknowledged in the media, particularly when these occasions are few and far between.

Presenting on GB News earlier this week, Colin Brazier spoke eloquently and courageously of the importance of marriage to our society.

Lamenting the decline in marriage rates, he argued that marriage works and must be protected: “all other things being equal, married people are healthier and wealthier and happier than those who are either cohabiting or single”.

The data, he said, “is incontrovertible. On average, married people live longer and have more stable relationships… Kids who grow up with married parents are more likely to get good jobs and have better mental health.”

Brazier concluded that “marriage isn’t just an expression of romantic optimism, but an adhesive that holds society together,” and rightly challenged the Government:

“Why won’t the state act on the data? Why is it that even a Conservative government dares not meaningfully encourage marriage through the tax and benefits system?”

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[…]  The number of children who grow up in single-parent households in the UK has broadly doubled since 1970, from 9 per cent to close on 25 per cent. As every social study on the subject I have ever read confirms, children brought up in single-parent households are liable to live in poverty. They have a much greater propensity for low educational achievement and thus a poverty which will afflict them through their lives. They are more prone to anxiety and depression. They are more likely to use recreational drugs and much more likely to become involved in crime. In short, they are sentenced by our newly benevolent attitude towards single parenthood to lives of deprivation, underachievement, criminal records and mental anguish. This is not a reflection upon the worthiness of the single mums themselves — simply that children do best when brought up by two parents who are married.

The cost of this indulgence is staggering. Never mind the damage to society caused by those failed kids, more than 70 per cent of single-parent families rely upon tax credits and welfare payments simply to get by. In the USA, where the proportion of kids in single-parent families compared with two-parent families is one in three, single parents cost a third of the entire welfare bill. Studies in the USA also suggest a direct correlation between the growth in single-parent families and the increase in welfare benefits available to them.

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