Benefits of marriage

Aug 11, 2018 by

Recent articles, most recent at the top:

More babies are now born out of wedlock that to married couples in eight EU countries, figures reveal, by Steve Doughty, MailOnline

Marriage lines: Mummy’s boys and daddy’s girls do better, by Harry Benson, The Conservative Woman

Hungary discontinues Gender Studies programs: ‘Ideology, not science’, by Thomas D Williams, Breitbart

Pair-bonding and the brain, from Medical Institute for Sexual Health

This is what a pro-marriage policy revolution looks life, by Thomas Pascoe, Coalition for Marriage

Officials turn blind eye to forced marriage, “don’t want to rock the cultural boat”, from Westmonster

Sex and intelligent design, by Joe Boot, Christian Concern

Marriage and family: taboo subject or arena for mission? By Andrew Symes, Anglican Mainstream

How to save marriage in America, by Richard V Reeves, The Atlantic




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