Beware of ideological slavery, warns Egypt Archbishop

Oct 5, 2016 by

by Andrew Carey, Global Christian News:

Archbishop Mouneer Anis addressed the sixth conference of Global South Anglican Primates and calls for their attention to focus on urgent crises facing the non-western churches. Extracted from his opening talk on 3 October at All Saint’s Cathedral, Cairo.

One of the major challenges we face as a church are the false teachings which some churches are now adopting and propagating. These teachings undermine the authority of scripture, the majority interpretation of the texts and the tradition of the church.

An example of this is the redefining of marriage by either permitting same-sex marriage or by indirect approval of it through prayers of blessing. It is important here to say that this does not mean we are homophobic when we reject unbiblical views on human sexuality. Similarly, it does not mean that we are heterophobic when we reject polygamy. We should love, embrace and pastorally care for everyone without compromising the teaching which is accepted by the majority in the Church.

It is said that the whole truth is revealed to the whole church. Unfortunately unilateral decisions taken by a few provinces [of the Anglican Church] have torn the fabric of the [Anglican] communion over the last 13 years. We made every effort to save the communion but sadly some provinces went on their own way without any regard to warnings.

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