Bible-quoting peer shows up “confused” bishop in LGBT sex education debate

May 2, 2019 by

by Jules Gomes, Rebel Priest:

A Northern Irish Presbyterian member of Britain’s Parliament who quoted the Bible on the family and reprimanded the House of Lords for approving “sex education to children that ignores biblical standards” in the Relationships and Sex Education debate last week has exposed the Bishop of Durham as “weak” and “confused.”

In an impassioned speech, Lord McCrea from the Protestant Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) reminded the Lords that the responsibility of parents to raise children was given “not by man but by God.”

“Children are a gift from God. The scriptures tell us that children are the heritage of the Lord. Parenthood is given by God and parents carry a God-given responsibility and authority for raising children. Many children in this nation were taught: ‘Honour thy father and mother,’” the Free Presbyterian minister said, emphasising that Sex and Relationships education was primarily the responsibility of parents.

Brushing off the politically correct self-censorship in parliamentary discourse, Lord McCrea acknowledged his views would be seen as unpopular: “I know that drawing this noble House’s attention to this is not popular, but I did not come here to be popular. I came to be honest to my convictions and to honestly state what I have preached for 50 years and believe with all my heart.”

McCrea lamented that parents would not have the final say for primary school children on relationships education and noted the lack of a clear line of distinction between sex and relationships education. He also cautioned that teachers in state or maintained schools “who have strong biblical convictions” were in danger of being forced “to teach what they do not believe, or things that go against their religious convictions.”

Slamming his peers for trampling on the rights of Christians, Lord McCrea said: “We talk about the persecution of Christians, but if someone stands up and states Christian principles, it seems that he or she is frowned upon. Even in this House, these views seem to be less acceptable than those of others who have different opinions.”

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