Bible translation at a historic high

Apr 9, 2021 by

by Russell Powell, Sydney Anglicans:

We’ll remember 2020 for a lot of reasons – not many of them good, thanks to COVID-19. But Wycliffe Bible translators have revealed one encouraging statistic.

“We are living in a season where we are seeing the fastest acceleration of Bible translation occurring at any time in the history of the world,” said John Chestnut, the CEO of Wycliffe USA.

“You might have thought that 2020 would’ve really slowed that or even, in places, derailed it. It did have an impact, but what we have found is that there are places in the world that the season that we are in right now has actually accelerated the work.”

During the year, New Testament translations were completed in 141 languages, and eight languages have also completed translations of the Old Testament. Currently, Wycliffe Associates has 773 Bible translations in progress and is looking at a further 273 language groups requesting help with launching Bible translations this year.

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