Bid for inclusive RE and assemblies fails in House of Lords

Jun 15, 2022 by

from Religion Media Centre:

Moves to replace school collective worship with inclusive assemblies, include humanism in religious education and end religious discrimination in teacher recruitment, have failed in the House of Lords.  Baroness Meacher, known as a prominent humanist, said the changes were appropriate in a country where 62 per cent do not identify as Christian, according to the most recent British Social Attitudes survey, and more than 50 per cent say they are of no religion.

Baroness Whitaker also spoke to the changes, which Humanists UK have long called for, saying that in a diverse society, inclusive assemblies were important to establish shared values. But Baroness Penn explained that the government was not going to support the amendments, believing them to be unnecessary and suggesting compulsory collective worship was a way to further the spiritual, moral, social and cultural education of children. Hansard debate here

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