Biden Pushes Homosexual Marriage as a Binding Human Right

May 18, 2023 by

By Stefano Gennarini, JD, C-Fam:

The Biden administration is pressing countries to adopt homosexual marriage as a human right. This new development comes during the latest cycles of the UN’s Universal Periodic Review.

U.S. officials called on the government of Serbia to “legalize same-sex unions” last week during the latest round of the process where governments criticize each other on questions of human rights. The Biden administration also called on Korea and Japan to “provide legal recognition of same-sex marriage.”

The Biden administration claims homosexual marriage or unions are required by human rights law “to guarantee equal protection under the law for members of same-sex couples.”

Promoting homosexual marriage abroad is unprecedented from any U.S. administration. Even the Obama administration, under Secretary Hillary Clinton, which declared LGBT issues a priority in U.S. foreign policy, did not promote homosexual marriage as a human right.

The Universal Periodic Review is a mechanism of the Human Rights Council to review the human rights record of every country on a rolling basis. The distinctive feature of the process is that it allows other countries to comment on the country under review.

In theory, countries under review should only be held accountable to human rights obligations that exist in agreed upon treaties, and that governments have agreed to. Inevitably, the process has become politicized as countries try to promote their preferred policies as human rights obligations.

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