Biden, Trump and the Great Evangelical Disaster

Oct 12, 2020 by

by David Robertson, Christian Today:

Recently I was sent a copy of a statement from an organisation calling itself Pro-life Evangelicals for Biden. This appears to be connected with a larger group called Evangelicals for Biden. I was surprised not only to receive it, but also to see who some of the signatories were. As far as I could see, it was not paid for by the Biden campaign, and so in this way differs from the Evangelicals for Trump group, which is funded by the president.

The common understanding is that the vast majority of white evangelicals (80%) voted for Donald Trump, although that all depends on who you consider to be evangelical. There is no doubt that President Trump and his team consider evangelicals to be vital to his campaign – and therefore they have become a target for both campaigns. If there is now a significant group of evangelicals, never mind Catholics, who are considering changing their vote, this would indeed be a game changer.

That is why the Guardian, amongst other media, are so thrilled to make this a major issue – bear in mind that when media become as partisan as the Guardian and CNN on one hand, and Fox on the other, headlines are often wish projections rather than news!

But I wish to make no comment on the politics involved here – I would say a plague on both your houses but that might be misunderstood!

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