Big Pharma’s profit on the transgender craze

Oct 1, 2019 by


For trans people, the quest to create the body that matches their perceptions is a life devoted to drugs and doctors. For Big Pharma, the challenge is to serve the interests of this group without being blinded by big profit.

Western society is currently witnessing something of a medical revolution, which many have denounced as a dangerous experiment, whereby individuals, acting as their own medical experts, self-diagnose themselves as ‘transgender.’ What often follows is a regimen of powerful drugs and radical surgical techniques in order to ‘fix the gender’ they were mistakenly ‘assigned’ at birth.

Has mankind finally outsmarted Mother Nature?

While it is still too early to answer that question, one thing remains clear: members of the growing transgender demographic who opt to undergo ‘gender confirmation surgery’ inherit a lifetime relationship with the medical industrial complex. And, as is the case with most medical treatment in the United States, those services do not come cheap.

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