Bishop Blames Violent And Punitive Theology For Alleged Abuse By Man Who Ran Christian Summer Camps

Feb 7, 2017 by

by Ruth Gledhill, Christian Today:

A senior Church of England bishop has stated that people who attended John Smyth’s summer camps would have known each other and talked about allegations of abuse.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, a dormitory officer at the camps in the late 1970s, has insisted he was not part of the inner circle of friends and no-one discussed any allegations of abuse with him.

Bishop of Buckingham Alan Wilson was speaking out after police launched an investigation into claims that teenage boys from Britain’s leading public schools were violently beaten, in what’s been described as a “sadomasochistic cult” run by a lawyer with links to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Iwerne or “Bash” Christian summer camps were run by John Smyth QC, now a morality campaigner in South Africa.

Allegations of abuse that took place elsewhere, not at the camps themselves, have been subject of a series of investigative reports by Channel 4 News this week.

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